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A Boat of My Own                                      0-919095-05-4  HOLMES, ALBERT N.                 
A Boy's Christmastide in St. John's                   1-896338-28-3  CHAYTOR, NORMAN                 
A Christmas Box                                       0-921191-29-4  GALGAY, FRANK AND McCARTHY, MICH  
A Clear Head in Tempestuous Times. Albert Perlin      0-919095-90-9  HOLLOHAN, FRANCIS and BAKER, MEL  
A Collection of Memorie                               0-921191-41-3  MIFFLEN, JESSIE                   
A Collection of Short Stories by Percy Janes          0-921191-14-6  JANES, PERCY                      
A Collection of Stories                               0-921191-01-4  TUCKER,OTTO                       
A Collection of foolishness and folklore              0-921191-35-9  EARLE, GEORGE H.                  
A Different Lens                                      0-919095-06-2  MACDONALD, ALASTAIR               
A Fresh Breeze from Pigen Inlet (The Best of Ted      0-921191-30-8  RUSSELL, TED ( selected and edit  
A History of the Newfoundland Railway. V.             0-921191-57-x  PENNEY, A.R. with KENNEDY, FABIA  
A History of the Newfoundland Railway. Volume 1(      0-921191-32-4  PENNEY, A.R.(ALFRED, RAYMOND)     
A Lifetime Listening to the Waves                     0-921191-22-7  POOLE, GEORGE                     
A Pilgrimage of Faith. A History of the Southern      0-919095-54-2  GALGAY, FRANK                     
A Question of Time                                    0-921191-88-x  CUFF, J.F.                        
A Tale of Two Cemeteries "The Plots Thicken           0-919095-86-0  RENDELL, CHARLES WILLIAM          
A Treasury of Newfoundland Prose and Verse            0-919095-46-1  CUFF, HARRY A                     
A Wind Returns. Selected Poems 1974-1983              0-919095-58-5  GARDINER, PHILIP                  
A Yaffle of Yarns                                     0-919095-74-7  TUCKER, OTTO; RUSSELL, TED; POOL  
A history of Health Care in Newfoundland and Lab      1-896338-29-1  NOLAN, STEPHEN                  
A history of the Newfoundland Railway (vols 1+2)      1-896338-24-0  PENNEY, A.R.                    
A history of the Newfoundland Railway (vols 1+2)      1-896338-25-9  PENNEY, A.R.                    
ANGISHORE, BROMAN AND CLUMPER                         0-919095-50-x  DAWE, TOM and FICKEN, SYLVIA      
Adventures of The Irene B. Mellon                     1-896338-04-6  CAHILL, Tom                     
An Herione For Our Time                               0-919095-40-2  GUY, RAY                          
An ear or a fear                                      0-919095-66-6  BUTT, GRACE                       
Arms and the Newfoundlander. Poetry of the Great      0-921191-87-1  MILLER, ELIZABETH RUSSELL (EDITO  
Art Rockwood's Newfoundland and Labrador Trivia       0-921191-85-5  ROCKWOOD, ART                     
Art Rockwood's Newfoundland and Labrador Trivia:      0-921191-95-2  ROCKWOOD, ART                     
As It Came Upon Me                                    0-921191-00-6  HOUSE, EDWARD L.                  
Aspects of Nineteenth Century St. John's Municip      0-919095-33-x  BAKER, MELVIN                     
Banked Fires: An Anthology of Nfld Poetry.            0-921191-38-3  DAWE, TOM and MILLER, ELIZABETH(  
Be You A Library Missionary, Miss                     0-919095-17-8  MIFFLEN, JESSIE                   
Bonavista Bay Revisite                                0-921191-69-3  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
Buried Treasures of Newfoundland and Labrador         0-921191-47-2  GALGAY, FRANK                     
Call Me Joey                                          0-921191-55-3  THOMS, JAMES R.(EDITOR)           
Can Any Good Thing Out of Crockers Cove               0-921191-73-1  CLARKE, GEORGE, W.                
Captain David Buchan in Newfoundland                  0-919095-55-0  FARDY, BERNARD D.                 
Changing Scenes                                       0-921191-16-2  LYNCH, GILBERT                    
Choice Poems From the NFLD Quarterly                  0-919095-18-6  KING, EVERARD H. (ED)             
Collected Works of A.R. Scammell                      0-921191-50-2  SCAMMELL, A.R.                    
Curtain Call                                          0-919095-01-1  PARSONS, R.A.                     
Daddy, what's a codfish                               0-921191-70-7  EVANS, ALLEN 1917-                
Daughter of Labrador                                  0-921191-46-4  LODER, MILLICENT                  
Day by Day: Pages from the Diary of a Newfoundla      0-919095-47-x  RUSSELL, DORA                     
Dear Roberta Anne                                     0-919095-61-5  COOPER,  S. ROBERT                
Down on the French Shore in the 1940's                0-919095-28-3  TIZZARD, AUDREY                   
Drawn Conclusions                                     0-921191-36-7  WHITE, NELSON                     
Duckworth's Newfoundland                              0-919095-77-1  WHITELY, WILLIAM H.               
Echoes and Shadows                                    1-896338-20-8  PARSONS, R.A.                   
Flavian's Fortune                                     0-919095-75-5  MACDONALD, ALASTAIR               
For The Love of a Woma                                0-921191-74-x  EVANS, CALVIN D.                  
French Family Names of Newfoundland and Labrador      1-896338-18-6  THOMAS, Gerald                  
From Boat to Blackboard                               0-921191-23-5  SCAMMELL, A.R.                    
From The Straight Shore                               0-921191-92-8  GUY, RAYMOND, W                   
From the Heart of a Bayman                            0-919095-57-7  TUCKER,OTTO                       
Getting To Know The Weeds                             1-896338-08-9  HORWOOD, CHARLES                
Goin' To The Ice. Offbeat History of the  Newfou      0-919095-97-6  HARRINGTON MICHAEL                
Goin' To The Ice. Offbeat History of the Newfoun      0-919095-93-3  HARRINGTON, MICHAEL               
Growing Up with Verse                                 1-896338-23-2  HARRIS, L.                      
Herbert J. Russell                                    1-896338-27-5  JOHNSON, P. and CUFF, H.        
Human Rights and Social Policy in Newfoundland 1      0-919095-79-8  GODFREY, STUART R.                
In Search of the Newfoundland Soul                    0-919095-22-4  POOLE, CYRIL                      
In The Good Old Days! Fishery customs of the pas      0-921191-53-7  DEVINE, P.K.                      
In a Far Away Land. 1986          -      -   -        0-921191-05-7  (anthology)                       
In a Far Away Land. 1986          -      -   -        0-921191-06-5  (anthology)                       
Island Spell                                          0-919095-11-9  DAWE, TOM                         
John White's Collection of Johnny Burke Songs         0-919095-29-1  KIRWIN, WILLIAM J.                
Journey to Yesterday in the Out-harbours of Newf      0-919095-52-6  MIFFLEN, JESSIE                   
Landfall of the Smoos                                 1-896338-17-8  CUFF, J.F.                      
Leifsburdir. The Vikings in Newfoundlan               0-921191-79-0  FARDY, BERNARD D. 1949-           
Light and Dark Poems                                  0-919095-02-x  JANES, PERCY                      
Lings 'n' Things                                      0-919095-95-x  DAWE TOM and DAWE, PAMELA         
Lomond : the life and death of a Newfoundland wo      1-896338-14-3  CANDOW, James                   
Margaret Duley: Newfoundland Novelist. A Biograp      0-919095-41-0  FEDER, ALISON                     
Memoirs of a Railwayman 1911-1962                     0-921191-18-9  CHAFE, W.J.                       
Memories of Fogo Island                               0-919095-04-6  GILL, ARTHUR                      
Modern Newfounland Verse. Poems From the Newfoun      0-921191-17-0  KING, EVERARD                     
Mose Morgan : a life in action                        1-896338-16-X  POOLE, CYRIL                    
Mostly in Rodneys                                     0-919095-72-0  NEWHOOK, CLE                      
My Newfoundland                                       0-921191-27-8  SCAMMELL, A.R.                    
Nearer Than Neighbours                                0-919095-32-1  MACLEOD, MACOLLM                  
Ned'n' Me                                             0-921191-04-9  MURPHY, MIKE                      
Newfoundland Echoes                                   0-921191-31-6  SCAMMELL,A.R.                     
Newfoundland Now and Then                             0-919095-73-9  MURRIN, FLORENCE                  
Newfoundland Quarterly 100th Aniversary Antholog      1-896338-21-6  CUFF, H. A.                     
Newfoundland Tapestry                                 0-919095-59-3  HARRINGTON, MICHAEL               
Newfoundland in Canada. A people in Search of a       0-919095-65-8  JACKSON, F.L.                     
Newfoundland-Spanish Saltfish Trade: 1814-1914        0-919095-56-9  RYAN, SHANNON                     
Newfoundlanders Short Stories by Percy Janes          0-919095-12-7  JANES, PERCY                      
No Cage For Conquerors                                0-919095-63-1  JANES, PERCY                      
No Right of Spring                                    0-919095-30-5  BURSEY, WALLACE                   
Northeast From Baccalie                               0-921191-59-6  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
Offbeat Mystery of Newfoundland and Labrador          0-921191-26-x  HARRINGTON, MICHAEL               
Old Foolishness...or Folklore                         0-921191-12-x  EARLE, GEORGE H.                  
On The Country. The Micmac of Newfoudland             0-921191-80-4  JACKSON, DOUG                     
Out of the Sea. A History of Ramea                    0-921191-62-6  KENDALL, VICTOR                   
Pathways of Mercy. History of the Foundation of       0-919095-92-5  HOGAN, SISTER M. WILLIAMINA       
Peace of the Continent                                0-919095-96-8  MACLEOD, MALCOLM                  
People of the Landwash                                1-896338-27-x  STORY, GEORGE; edited           
Perhaps they left us up there                         0-921191-96-0  LAKE, HAROLD                      
Persons                                               0-921191-54-5  BUTT, GRACE                       
Post-Confederation Developments in Newfoundland       0-919095-76-3  ANDREWS, RALPH (ED.ALICE WAREHAM  
Potheads and Drum Hoops. A Folk History of New H      0-919095-49-6  CRANFORD, GARRY J.                
Prime Ministers of Newfoundland                       0-921191-66-9  HARRINGTON, MICHAEL               
Princes                                               0-921191-63-4  FINN, TOM                         
Random Thought                                        0-919095-25-9  COOPER, S.R.(BERT)                
Rufus Guinchard. The Mna and His Music                0-919095-21-6  RUSSELL, KELLY                    
Saints and Sleeveens                                  0-919095-98-4  POOLE, CYRIL F.                   
Sea Stories From Newfoundland                         0-921191-09-x  HARRINGTON, MICHAEL               
Sealing Steamer                                       0-921191-98-7  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
Selected University Orations                          0-919095-62-3  STORY, G.M.                       
Setting Sail For Bonavista Bay. The story of nin      0-921191-33-2  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
Shanawdithit: Last of the Beothuck                    0-921191-20-0  POWERS, ROBERT                    
Stage Heads and Warm Dandelions                       0-919095-85-2  HAMBLING, JACK                    
Stories from Uncle Mose. The Best of Ted Russell      0-919095-48-8  MILLER, ELIZABETH RUSSELL (SELEC  
Surviving Confederation. A revised and extended       0-921191-03-0  JACKSON, F.L.                     
TB book                                               1-896338-22-4  CUFF, H. A.                     
Tales From Bonavista Bay                              0-921191-13-8  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
That Nothing Be Lost                                  1-896338-26-7  TUCKER, O.                      
That Part of My Life                                  0-921191-93-6  LAYMAN, GRACE                     
The Adventures of the Irene Mellon from the radi      1-896338-04-6  WITHERS, AUDREY                 
The Best of "In the Woods"                            0-921191-64-2  RICH, LEN                         
The Best of Ted Russell. No.                          0-919095-20-8  MILLER, ELIZABETH, RUSSELL(SELEC  
The Birthing Room                                     0-921191-45-6  WARRICK, PADDY                    
The Black Heart and Other Poems                       0-919095-14-3  MOORE, TOM                        
The Burned Baby's Arm                                 0-921191-83-9  LIEB, RANDY                       
The Discontented Hippopotamus                         0-919095-31-3  RUSSELL, STELLA                   
The Farmer's Jewels 1988          $                   0-921191-34-0  (anthology)                       
The Forgotten Craftsmen                               0-919095-60-7  PEDDLE, WALTER                    
The Great Newfoundland and Labrador Puzzle Book       1-896338-02-X  DAWE, Maxine                    
The Holdin' Ground. Ground Swell. Two Radio Play      0-921191-49-9  RUSSELL, TED                      
The Irish in Newfoundland 1623-1800                   0-919095-35-6  McCARTHY, MICHAEL                 
The Islands Of Bonavista Ba                           0-919095-89-5  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
The Islands of Bonavista Bay                          0-919095-89-5  FELTHAM, JOHN                     
The Jolly Poker                                       0-921191-68-5  PATEY, FRANCIS                    
The Life and Times of Sir Ambrose Shea. Father o      0-919095-87-9  GALGAY, FRANK                     
The Life and Times of Sir Ambrose Shea. Father o      0-919095-94-1  GALGAY, FRANK                     
The Loon in the Dark Tide                             0-919095-13-5  DAWE, TOM                         
The Modern Magi                                       0-919095-78-x  HARRINGTON, MICHAEL               
The New Isle                                          1-896338-03-8  CUFF,                           
The Past in the Present. A personal perspective       0-919095-39-9  PECKFORD, BRIAN, A                
The People's Road                                     1-896338-00-3  KEARLEY, Wade                   
The Power of the Pen                                  0-921191-43-x  POWER, GREGORY (selected and edi  
The Seat Imperial. Bay Bulls Past and Present         0-919095-38-1  O'NEILL, PAUL                     
The Second Time Around. Growing up in Bay Robert      0-921191-76-6  HAMBLING, JACK                    
The Settling of Spaniard's Bay                        0-921191-25-1  GOSSE, ERIC, MARTIN               
The Story of Methodism in Bonavista                   0-919095-71-2  LENCH, CHARLES                    
The Strange Things of the World                       0-921191-24-3  FISK, ALAN  1988                  
The Time of My Life                                   0-919095-43-7  POOLE, CYRIL                      
The Traditional Furniture of Outport Newfoundlan      0-919095-37-2  PEDDLE, WALTER                    
The Tragic Wreck of the Anglo Saxon                   1-896338-05-4  JOHNSON, ARTHUR                 
The Treasure of Kelly's Island                        0-919095-51-8  McCARTHY, MICHAEL J.              
The Welfare Officer Will See You Now and other        0-921191-19-7  DECKER, C.R.                      
The Yarns of Ishmael Drake                            0-919095-27-5  DAWE, TOM                         
To Cast An Anchor                                     1-896338-01-1  POOLE, Cyril                    
To Toslow We'll Go                                    0-919095-53-4  BUTT, GRACE                       
Tomorrow Will Be Sunday                               0-921191-71-5  HORWOOD, HAROLD                   
Towards the Mystery                                   0-909095-69-0  McDONALD, ALASTAIR                
Tung Tyde                                             0-919095-07-0  PADDOCK, HAROLD                   
Twelve Newfoundland Short Stories                     0-919095-26-7  CUFF, HARRY and JANES, PERCY(SEL  
Uprooted People: The Indian Island                    0-921191-65-0  DOWNER, DON                       
Voices from the Rock: Poems/Nfld Quarterly: 1987      1-896338-19-4  KING, E.H.,ed.                  
Wanderings                                            0-919095-45-3  BURT, ROBERT                      
Workingman's St.John's. Aspects of Social Histor      0-919095-34-8  BAKER, MELVIN, CUFF, ROBERT, and  

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